Category: In Design
Region: Mexico
FT2 Construction: 1,695,314 sq ft
FT2 Ground: 1,130,802 sq ft
Involved Areas: Master Plan, Architecture

Víctor Legorreta
Miguel Almaraz
Miguel Alatriste
Beatriz Moctezuma
Víctor Figueroa
José Luis Barrera
Diego Cuevas
Sergio Blando
Ananda Nessi
Ingrid Páez


In recent years, Puebla has been characterized by accelerated growth, making Angelópolis a town of great economic importance for the state of Puebla. Located in one of the busiest avenues of the municipality and that connects several points of the city Blvd. De las Cascadas offers the group the unique opportunity to become an unprecedented residential and commercial destination on the site.
Accompanied by extraordinary views of the Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl Volcanoes and proximity to nature are part of the experience that becomes reality in this place.
The area in which the complex is located is currently divided into residential land use, the property has a strategic location for which it is seen that Barrio Cascatta is a trigger for the area, which will seek to articulate and provide the area with a new quality of life.
The project on a plot of 105,055.88m2 is inspired to offer a combination of walkways, squares and terraces making the most of the extraordinary views of the volcanoes and green areas in order to make the Barrio Cascatta project an architectural and iconic landmark of Puebla and Angelópolis; attractive and highly competitive in an area with great potential.
Barrio Cascatta is designed with an urban character and human scale where you can carry out various activities as a resident or visitor, starting to the north of the project with shops mainly supermarket, commercial premises and restaurants with an architecture of porticoes that allow the transition between the exterior and interior and small terraces to connect with the rest of the complex with an open commercial walkway, which also connects with the Parish, which will be an important landmark of the neighborhood that will allow social activities such as weddings, baptisms, etc. Followed by a main square where cultural activities, music festivals, gastronomy among others can be carried out, as well as a sports center that will be the perfect complement to the project.
The project also has considered offices with commercial premises on the ground floor that are connected to the walkway in which there are small kiosks that make the route more pleasant to finally finish with a park surrounded by housing towers of different heights playing with the scale without Losing proportion, the towers are distributed in such a way that they can see the interior park, the parks of the immediate context and of course the view of the volcanoes. The interior park is designed to receive residents and visitors, completing the experience of an urban project that gives priority to pedestrians, equipped with green areas and water mirrors, with the possibility of having various activities. Barrio Cascatta proposes to share open spaces, fostering the integration of different uses, seeking the best possible quality of life for all users, providing flexibility to solve present or future needs.
For the Barrio Cascatta experience to be perfect, it is essential to have parking facilities that are functional and efficient, in response.
The lots arranged in the horseshoe-shaped complex that will house a typical tower will be 8 in total. On average, these properties range between 2,500 m2, considering an approximate footprint in each of them of 860 m2 in the project.
Each of the 8 properties described will have 100 residences arranged in 16 to 8 levels above the sidewalk, which by regulation must comply with certain additional regulations.
Each of the 8 lots must have an independent access road by public road.
The standard towers will have a centralized access and services core, where there will be around 3 lifts, 2 emergency staircases, ducts for installations, garbage ducts, among others. On the ground floor it is being considered to have an access with amenities, a post office and reception. The apartments in these typical towers range from 75 to 95 m2, with 10 apartments per typical floor planned so far.
According to the current proposal, the complex will have a supermarket anchor store, and several small premises with office-type services, dry cleaners, shops, etc.
The anchor store will be located in Lot 1 of the rest of the commerce will be in Lot 2 and on the ground floors of offices.
3 office lots were allocated, ranging from 3,700 to 4,800 m2, whose size will be 1,600 to 2,100 m2 with 6 levels each tower, in Pb the use will be commercial.
As a point of unification and integration of Barrio Cascatta, one of the main lots located in the center of the complex is the Church, this area will help give life to the whole complex with the park and the commercial area, the area of ??displacement is 1720 m2 in a lot of approximately 6000m2 since it will have a plaza that can be used for exhibitions, a games area, and a recreational area.