AMOR POR MÉXICO HOUSE | PROJECTS | Legorreta Arquitectos

Category: Residential
Region: Mexico
Year: 2019
Location: Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico
FT2 Construction: 21,528 sq ft
FT2 Ground: 0 sq ft
Involved Areas: Architecture, Interior Design

Víctor Legorreta
Miguel Almaraz
Adriana Ciklik
Carlos Vargas
Miguel Alatriste
Michelle Garmendia
Viviana Ibarra

Associate Architects:

Arquitecta Asociada: Marcela Cortina
Arquitecto Ejecutivo: FLG SA de CV


LIGHTING DESIGN: Luz en Arquitectura (Kai Diederichsen)

Lourdes Legorret
Francisco Estrada @photomexico

One of LEGORRETA ®’s most representative features of is to create a timeless architecture, with Mexican roots. “Casa Amor por México” is located in the Maravilla residential complex, in Los Cabos, Baja California.

The architecture is based, as an axis of composition, on a series of parallel walls which frame each space - both interior and exterior. The location of the walls, creating four isolated bodies, manages to take advantage of the configuration of the terrain and maximize the magnificent views.

The separation of the bodies is achieved through semi-open corridors which become one of the central themes of the house: the relationship between Interior and Exterior, visually connecting the two landscapes, sea and desert. Each volume has a specific function, so it is necessary to visit the house to enjoy and live the different spaces.

The program consists of the following:
• Living room, dining room + main kitchen
• Main Terrace with a trellis
• Patio with water feature
• Pools and water mirrors that surround the house
• Family Room + Kitchen
• Master Bedroom
• Master Visiting Room
• 6 Visiting Rooms
• Garden / Oasis

Another of the main themes was to create a project as a tribute to Mexico, trying to ensure that the majority of the finishes and furniture selected were Mexican.

This is how the theme of the Interior Design project arises. All interior and exterior areas are fully and thoroughly designed. The doors of the entire house were designed with inspiration from a palm leaf, all the furniture such as closets, bookcases, dining table, side tables, sinks, beds, benches, etc. were designed by LEGORRETA and their execution was carried out by a Mexican cabinetmaker.

The selection of handcrafted mosaics, lamps, rugs and decorative accents such as cushions, was achieved with the work of Oaxacan artisans. One of the objectives was to design each space in the house as a unique and unrepeatable space, which is why we selected each color and mix of exclusive furniture for each area, but that always included a sense of harmony and style.

Casa Amor por México has two main floors. In the main access we have one of the terraces, which has an infinity pool and sea view, on the left side we can find the kitchen, living / dining room.

The ground floor also houses 4 bedrooms, 2 toilets, 1 gym, a Family room which also has a kitchen, and a garden area where we can find a living area with an onyx handmade ping pong table.

It is important to mention that all the terraces on the ground floor have an impressive view of the sea and somewhat private between them. In the upper floor we may find 4 more rooms, including the master room.

We can also find a TV room with a firepit area outside with views to the sea. On the rooftop we can find a living area with a firepit and a general view of the entire house and one of the best views of the ocean. And finally, the basement, which houses a cellar, a machine room, a laundry room, a site, a wine cellar and a TV area for employees.